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Mivgarvge is a consignment platform reselling original brand new and pre-owned luxury items. We are a registered company in Malaysia and not affiliated, associated, or related to any of the brands advertised above. All trademarks and copyrights are reserved for the original brand holders.


  • What is "mivgarvge"? 

"mivgarvge" Is the premier destination for pre-owned luxury handbags online. We democratize luxury by sourcing and acquiring unique handbags and making them available online on "mivgarvge" at up to 70% off retail prices.

We are highly curated and specialize in luxury brands such as  Dior, Ysl, Louis Vuitton, and Celine. We guarantee authenticity for all handbags.


  • Are items sold on "mivgarvge" Authentic?

We surely understand that the biggest concern to shop for second-hand luxury is authenticity. This is why we spent much attention and effort to establish an algorithmic database to guarantee our high accuracy rates by partnering with Entrupy.


Authenticity is everything to us. We promise the authenticity of everything we sell or 100% guarantee of your money back.

In the event of an unfortunate dispute over the authenticity of an item, we require written proof from a third-party authenticator to process a refund.


  • How do you determine the price?

All submissions are reviewed by our buying team who perform extensive research on the particular model. They consider a variety of factors including; brand, condition, size, material, demand, seasonality, and even our own inventory. We have been in business for many years and collected a large and proprietary data set that enables us to offer competitive quotes in a consistent way.


  • Do you negotiate regarding your prices?

Our listed prices are carefully set based on the market value of the Items. However, Negotiation on prices will be at our discretion.


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